For people who are depressed – not just sad or down about the current circumstances – but living with a current or past diagnosis of depression, the situation we are in has specific risks, and holds some opportunities as well.

Depression is a physical condition that is reflected in negative thinking patterns, low self-worth, loss of interest, hopelessness, low energy levels, sleep disruption, concentration, and changes in appetite. It affects 264 million people around the world, and is one of the leading causes of disability (1).

In people who are genetically predisposed (and sometimes in people who are not), the stress of major life changes or losses can trigger or exacerbate depression. Loss or suspension of a job, loss of social support, isolation or being in close quarters with others, removal of day to day coping strategies and routines, a steady stream of negative content on the news and social media – these all pose a high chance for depression getting worse...

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