A Mother, Entrepreneur, and a Graduate of Michigan State University.

Averi Woodley has been an active trainer and personal coach for 10+ years. During her time as a gym owner Averi created the well-known Bad Bish Bootcamp in her hometown of St. Louis, MO. The program came about just months after she had given birth to her 3rd child and only daughter.  Bad Bish Bootcamp was a women’s only fitness program designed to help women adopt a healthier and realistic lifestyle, with a focus on self-love. Averi’s relentless pursuit to promote wellness and self-love among women led her to her purpose. She is now using her platform to change the way thousands see themselves Mind, Body, and Soul.  Averi’s program “Mutha Lovin” is a reminder that if we want to evolve into who we were created to be and thrive in life, we must first “Choose our Mutha Lovin selves”.


St. Louis, Missouri, United States