In 2016, sports broadcaster, Rachel Baribeau, penned a piece for entitled, “College Football is Breaking My Heart.” The game she loved was becoming unrecognizable. Negative news stories dominated the game and no campus seemed immune. Most broadcasters would have left it at that. Not Rachel. Rachel developed I’m Changing the Narrative with student-athletes in mind and a belief that one crooked course made straight is everything. One misstep not taken means one less victim in the world. And one less life thrown away because of a split-second bad decision. She challenges each person to respect, protect and cherish others, serve as a role model, and to value themselves with self-love. She encourages each person to leave a legacy by using their platform to make a difference in this world.

Rachel Baribeau brings positivity and purpose to students, professionals, and parents across the country through her movement, I’m Changing the Narrative.

Presented in an encouraging and supportive environment, Rachel speaks about the power to change the narrative and to find purpose in life.

In 55 minutes, Rachel covers themes such as leadership, mental health, self-care, domestic violence prevention, social justice and interpersonal relationships. Everyone is challenged to live a life of Purpose, Passion and Platform.

When she’s finished, they wait in line to speak to her. They tweet, private message and text her. They trust her and report back on their efforts to become the kings and queens she consistently challenges them to be. As a result of this shared experience, Rachel becomes another trusted resource for total mental and emotional wellness. I’m Changing The Narrative doesn’t end when the talk is done; it’s just beginning.

I would love to work with you through 1:1 coaching. Areas I cover are finding your JOY AND building your own #ImChangingtheNarrative/Field of Dreams! If you have a dream in your heart, I'd be honored to help you build it!


If you build it, they will come! 👑


Florida, United States